Hire a skipper

If you don’t have a license, this does not mean that a sailboat or yacht charter is off limits. You only need a skipper, a person who will sail the sailboat or drive the motor boat instead of you. If you don’t know one, you can simply hire one.

The prices for hiring a skipper are between €100 and €150 a day plus food and transport costs. It is not the cheapest option, but if you divide the costs among the crew, it is manageable.

A skipper has all the certificates you don’t have. A skipper is also someone who knows a thing or two about sailing, the weather and finding a safe harbour in the evening.

He helps you select the route and if necessary, adjust it according to the weather. A good skipper is someone who can give you a lot of sailing knowledge and transform you and your family or friends into a crew that helps him with better, faster and safer management of the sailboat. He provides you with unforgettable lessons, which are an excellent starting point for a sailing course. We also help you to hire a skipper with a personality suitable for the crew that hired him. The skipper is also responsible for the safety of the crew and the vessel, thus his instructions have to be respected.