Sailing holidays

Sailing holidays are no longer the special privilege of the rich. We can compare yacht charters or sailing holidays to renting a more luxurious apartment. The only difference is the variety of views that a sailboat offers every day and not to mention that you are only a step away from the sea. But the most important thing is that you have treated yourself to a true adventure.

When renting a sailboat you have the same choices as when booking a hotel, camp or apartment. If you choose the Adriatic for sailing holidays, the South offers you more choices than the North. In the Northern Adriatic the charter bases follow along the Istrian peninsula from Umag to Pula, where the selection is most diverse. Kvarner has charter bases on the islands of Lošinj and Krk and then the offers slowly come to an end. Due to the steep coast and the unsuitability for the construction of marinas and the mountainous Velebit which is associated with a strong bora, the next marinas are in Zadar, where they follow each other all the way to Split. This part, also called the Middle Adriatic, is the most popular for sailing holidays, since the number of bigger and smaller islands offers beautiful beaches, as well as shelter from sudden storms and winds. Due to the high competition, the Middle Adriatic offers you the cheapest sailboat charters. From Split to Dubrovnik the number of marinas abruptly decreases and the prices are raised. In Makarska or Dubrovnik a sailboat will cost you 10 to 20 percent more than in the Middle Adriatic.