Yacht charter period

The standard period for a yacht charter is a week, which in charter jargon means that you take over your sailboat on Saturday afternoon and return it on Saturday morning. Check in is usually in the afternoon, between 4-5 p.m., and check out is between 8-9 a.m. Sometimes you have to bring the vessel to its home base a day before the official check out.

If your yacht was not being hired a week before your charter, it may be possible to agree on an earlier charter. It all depends on the goodwill of the individual charter company. You can also agree on shorter, few-day charters, especially during preseason or after the main season. But normally all charter companies avoid short-term yacht charters. Especially, if a few-day period charter deprives the charter company of two-weeks of earnings. Short-term charters are possible if you decide last minute.

Expensive sailboat chartering does not mean that you have the best sailing date. The best sailing conditions are in the preseason and after the peak season, when your sails are tightened by the wind, while in the summer you often have days with no wind.

Therefore, the spring and autumn months are especially popular among real sailors. Experienced sailors often rent more sporty sailboats, while in the summer the sea is full of family, wide-body sailboats. The advantage of the non-summer months is that they are much less crowded, while autumn days offer figs, grapes and increased friendliness of the locals, since the lust for profit is now a little bit less.