Yacht charter prices

The prices of yacht charters depend mostly on the date you wish to rent a sailboat. The sailing season starts in April and ends in November. It all depends on the weather. The warmer it is the more inviting the sea is and quite the opposite with cold weather.

The sailboat charter prices are lowest in April and October or November. The first taste of the peak season is at Easter and during the spring holidays (May Day). But then the season is already low. The main season with high prices starts somewhere in the middle of June and reaches its peak in the first half of August. The prices begin to go down after September. In the peak season the price of sailboat charters can be up to three times the price in the preseason.

Early booking - last minute offer

The first concept means early booking of a charter and the second concept means renting a sailboat at the last minute. Early booking means in practice that the agencies offer special discounts, up to 20%, if you book a yacht by the end of February. This guarantees you a yacht charter on the desired date.

Some people wait with last minute offers until one or two days before the charter itself. This requires a little bit of luck and an adventurous spirit. But if you are successful, you can pay up to 50% of the price in the actual term.

Other costs

The charter rates include renting the yacht and equipment, normal wear yacht, the third party insurance and full kasko insurance on their own participation (deposit), permanent berth the marina berth. Fuel costs, berths and fees in other marinas, harbors and anchorages, car parking fees and tourist tax are not included in the renting fee.

Besides the yacht charter you also have other costs. Additional costs include obligatory transit log fee (cleaning costs, issue of necessary documents) – cca. 80,00 – 200,00 EUR, and tourist tax – 1,00 EUR per day per person. If you wish to rent outboard motor, safety net for children, spinnaker or if you want to take your pet along with you to the boat, this will cost you extras ( outboard motor cca. 50,00 – 80,00 EUR, safety net cca. 50,00 EUR, spinnaker cca. 100,00 – 200,00 EUR).

Some offers include all these costs in the yacht charter – so called all inclusive

On your demand we can arrange deposit insurance (cca. 10 % of total deposit) or you can choose to rent a skipper (cca. 100,00 – 150,00 EUR per day) or crew.