Yacht charter process

A yacht charter does not require a visit to a travel agency or a marina. You can do all the necessary steps online. We offer more than 3,000 vessels. You can choose among locations in the Adriatic, Mediterranean and elsewhere around the world.

Yacht charter process begins with the selection of boats. The selection of sailboat models is as much diverse as with cars. In the beginning, the effort to separate them by brand and model is useless. In yacht charter, the basic division is between cabins and beds. In the Adriatic you can choose among sailboats and yachts with two to five cabins. Sailboats with five cabins are approx. 5 metres longer that those with two cabins. The length is measured in feet. Two-cabin sailboats are approx. 10 metres long meanwhile five-cabin sailboats are 15 metres long. We also have sailboats with three and four cabins. One cabin usually means two beds, and two crew members can sleep in the salon, which is beside the kitchen the central place of the sailboat. As mentioned before, sailboats may be divided into the lazy ones with wide bodies and to more narrow and fast ones. For the beginners we recommend the first one, which is usually more stable.

After selecting a sailboat, you send us your request. Then we try to make you the best offer according to the win-win system. If you want to become a skipper, you have to acquire a Skipper’s Certificate and a Maritime VHF Operator Certificate, before renting a sailboat.